here is what I think makes a good startup team which can abide by Mr. Bezo’s  pizza rule. This is largely based on the little experience I have had.

What you must have:

1) Idea guys (will be called visionaries if the idea works out; daydreamers otherwise)
Job -> Come up with ideas, circumvent blockers, find new business models, keep finding possibilities. networking. Keep the energy high and motivate the team with possibilities

2) Hustlers (the ones who do)
Identifiers -> hands on, eager to implement ideas in a quick & dirty manner. They keep the ball rolling and ensure progress

3) Geeks
They take the MVP to a respectable product stage. Ensure tech differentiation and ensure the right long term product decisions.
Caution : Can add tremendour value. But often turn out to be perfectionists and learners and have a bias to work on the hottest technology. Most often it is a overkill and slows you down dramatically. Simple solution: Make a pact that the initial product will be made using without learning anything new unless everyone else is convinced

4) Gray hairs
1 (only 1) guy  with deep expertise & experience in the sector the startup is dabbling in – to avoid typical pitfalls & lay out best practices. Also opens a lot of doors and you move faster to market for validation / concept selling

5) Legs & grey cells:
Lots of first principle, high energy, lateral thinking guys who approach problems with a fresh, unbiased, audacious solutions

Ta Da! Your job is done