This is relevant only to my firm (YTPL). I am writing this because sometimes, writing stuff down is the best way to crystallize and make actionable out of thoughts:

  • Read this often. Add to this when you can
  • Praise people you want to keep. Praise them often so that they start craving it from you. Don’t be a mean leader like you are. Stop belittling your team, even if it is jokingly. Praise them on what they did right. Flatter those who you want to keep happy. Give compliments everyday, to everyone.  Be like AG, but have more clarity on what we are have to do to get to the next level.
  • Hire an office boy for the small stuff. Don’t squeeze that 8-10K
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t get distracted.  Keep a slot at the end of the day (say, post 8 ) to do the admin, paperwork and the small stuff.  Don’t let interruptions distract you from the real work. It will only frustrate you and make you a bad ‘doer’
    Keep a slot for the mundane office/ admin / paperwork. So that you can stay focused on the real deal for 11 hours
  • Organize your life. However much you think you can be flexible/ manage things, having a routine helps. Having a routine cuts down on the number of things demanding your attention. Have a routine. Stick to it if you want to be productive. Don’t be a wanderer. Settle down. Be organized to be productive
  • Fix a time for different meetings. All heads meetings. Tech. Ops. Product. Marketing
    Define what to be discussed in each meeting. Be organized around meetings.
    We are at a stage where we should know whet each deptt is supposed to do. Write these down. Define what they should track. Define open questions. Put a structure around meetings & decisions
  • Prepare for meetings. Perfect the art of asking the right questions. Meetings are useless when you can’t ask the right questions.  And you need people like AB and 3 more of them to get the answers. Grow 3 more like AB
  • Hire people who are different from the existing team members. Hire people with different strengths that the existing team
  • Plan ahead – Don’t be reactionary. Imagine where the business will be 3 months from now, what will be needed for that and start working on it today>
    Plan PR , Plan Marketing, Plan Hiring, Plan fundraising in advance
  • Be a better manager – Stay in control
    Your job is to ask the right questions – Ask the “What”  Let the rockstars figure out the “how” themselves
  • Be a better leader – Talk to people about issues you have with them. Don’t sulk. Don’t let things drift.  Motivate people better. MOTIVATE PEOPLE BETTER
  • Try out multiple things -> create the right setup, attitude and capabilities for the same
  • Make everyone independent. Give everyone someone to manage. Give them people under them to manage so that they can run experiments instead of doing the stuff themselves. Hire more executives. Run faster.
  • Lead by example -> reach before time, Leave the last. Stay focused. Keep working. Drown out distractions. Lead by example. No late nights, just really early mornings and early to office. Don’t relax, just get better