targets work for all companies – big/ small/ startups/ before MVP / after scaleup

The right way to build a company is to have a target-driven approach
CEOs should know how to fashion a target based approach. Its elements are :

Know what is important for the company. Use this clarity to set the right targets
Set aggressive, but empathetic targets. Be gracefully aggressive
Motivate, empower and enable the team to achieve those targets

Set the right targets. Sit back and focus on your job.
Stop worrying about how targets are being achieved. Dont fuss over what is right, how it is supposed to be done or what who is doing wrong, Dont worry about people coming in late or early.  Just make people accountable for meeting their targets.

Nothing gets done without targets. Target setting & motivating the team to exceed expectations are the most important skillsets a CEO must have. irrespective of the size of company

Trust the team. Empower them, Let them work their way. TRust them> Stop nitpicking as long as targets are being met

Motivate, communicate, lead by example.